Supported use cases: 

  • Forward all captured emails to Mailchimp 

How to set up your Mailchimp integration:

In order to set up your Mailchimp integration, you’ll need two pieces of information: 

1. Authorization Details

In order to give Attentive permission to create or update contacts in Mailchimp, you’ll need your Mailchimp API Key

To create a Mailchimp API Key for Attentive: 

  • Click this link to navigate to the API Keys section of your Mailchimp account
  • Click the ‘Create A Key’ button
  • Name your key ‘Attentive’

2. Audience Details

You can add contacts to whichever audience you’d like in your Mailchimp account. Once you know which audience you’d like Attentive to add to:

  • Navigate to the Audience tab in Mailchimp
  • If you have more than one audience, click the ‘Current Audience’ drop-down and choose the one you want to work with
  • Click ‘View Contacts’
  • Click the ‘Settings’ drop-down and choose ‘Audience name and Defaults’
  • In the ‘Audience ID’ section, you’ll see a string of letters and numbers. This is your Audience ID

If you use personalization merge tags, please ensure email is the only required tag. If you require other tags, such as First Name (FNAME) or Last Name (LNAME), the integration will fail. 

Once you have your API Key and Audience ID, please enter them on the integration setup page for Mailchimp and click “Set up integration”.



We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team ( to ask about the Attentive + Mailchimp integration.