Why would I get a dedicated shortcode?

There are a few reasons why companies opt to purchase a dedicated shortcode:

  • Dedicated codes allow you to choose any keyword that you’d like for Text to Join promotions.

  • If you expand your Text to Join program in store, on the site, via email, or through other collateral (i.e. “Text ‘BRAND’ to 12345 to subscribe”), your brand team may want to have total ownership over the number being prominently displayed to consumers.

What do shortcodes cost?

There are two types of shortcodes: non-vanity and vanity.

  • Non-vanity shortcodes cost $500/month and are billed quarterly or monthly.

    • Non-vanity shortcodes are given out at random by the carriers, and can consist of any combination of numbers. 

  • Vanity shortcodes cost $1,500/month and are billed quarterly or monthly.

    • Vanity shortcodes are shortcodes where you choose the specific number you want, provided that it is available. Typically, vanity code does not drive increased results, and you will need to wait 6-8 weeks once you place the order and pay for the code. Note that payment must be submitted at the time of your application submission, not when you receive the code.

How long does it take to get a shortcode?

  • Non-vanity shortcodes: 4-6 weeks
  • Vanity shortcodes: 6-8 weeks

How do I move to my own shortcode?

With your approval, we'll migrate your shortcode for you. The process isn't complicated, but carriers require that you send subscribers two messages:

The first message must:

  • Be from your original phone number
  • Include the new phone number you're migrating to
  • Include how to opt out of messaging from you
  • Include key details like customer care contact information

The second message must:

  • Be sent 12-24 hours after the first message
  • Include how to opt out of messaging from you
  • Include customer care contact information
  • Include message frequency disclosure

Don't worry too much, though -- we'll walk you through the entire process, step by step.

Can I send on a longcode instead of a shortcode?