The Welcome Series message is the first impression you make with a new customer. Brands can use this type of message to deliver special offers, give a friendly hello, and establish a relationship with the new subscriber. 

  • This is the perfect channel to introduce shoppers to the unique characteristics of your brand.
  • An automated welcome text also sets the tone and expectations for future communication and encourages new subscribers to further engage with your brand.

A good starting point would be to borrow from and amplify what works well in email, and continue to test until you find what resonates most for your audience through text messaging. Use some of these helpful content tips:

  • GIFs are a friendly and visually-appealing way to introduce people to your brand.
  • For higher ticket items, focus on building brand affinity and providing additional information to the customer.
  • For lower ticket items, focus on reminding people about their discount code and pointing them toward bestsellers.

Here are some examples of options for a strong Welcome Series:

  • Welcome! Your 20% OFF discount code is {coupon}. Click here to automatically apply it and shop now:
  • Welcome! Your 2 premium pillows with mattress purchase is waiting at checkout. Click here to shop now:
  • We'll text you about new arrivals & special offers as they happen. For now, shop our latest styles here: 
  • You're on the list! You'll only hear from us every now & then, but when you do, it'll be good. Save our number & let's have fun! Click here to apply code 15ONLINE at checkout for 15% off
  • You made the list! Now, tap the link to get 20% OFF the ENTIRE site!

Welcome Series Messages, By The Numbers:

  • Welcome Series Avg. CTR: 16%
  • Welcome Series Avg. CVR: 12%
  • Welcome Series Avg. Revenue/Send: $1.50

Quiet Hours

Attentive enforces quiet hours for automated messages. If an automated message is triggered between 8PM and 12PM (local time of recipient), the delivery will be delayed until quiet hours

If you want to make adjustments, you can do so in the Settings tab of the Attentive app.