The Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of a program's revenue, subscriber growth, and message performance over the last 7, 14, or 28 days. From the Dashboard, you can:

Create a message

The Create button appears on most screens throughout the UI. Use it to compose a marketing message.

  1. Click Create.
  2. Select One Time Message or A/B Test from the menu. 


From the Create button, you can:

Metrics Dashboards (Total program)

All statistics reported in these sections of the Dashboard are aggregated across the program as a whole. The timeframes are not adjustable.

  • Revenue Generated
  • New Subscribers
  • Campaigns Sent

Revenue Generated

The Revenue Generated dashboard displays:

  • Revenue total over the past 28 days
  • Bar graph of revenue totals for the last 7, 14, and 28 days 
  • Average daily revenue totals show a percentage comparison to totals from the previous week and previous month

Hover over a bar on the graph to see the revenue generated on a particular day.

New Subscribers

The New Subscribers dashboard displays:

  • Total subscribers over the last 28 days
  • Bar graph of total subscribers over the last 7, 14, and 28 days
  • Average daily subscribers show a percentage comparison of new subscribers to totals from the previous week and over the last month


Hover over a bar on the graph to see the new subscribers on a particular day.

Campaigns Sent

The Campaigns Sent dashboard displays totals for all messages:

  • Total messages sent for the previous 28 days
  • Week over week and last week to month changes in revenue
  • Average CVR (purchases / clicks)
  • Total revenue

The table below lists individual campaigns, including one-time and A/B tests. For each campaign, you can view:

  • Total sent
  • CTR
  • CVR
  • Revenue

Campaign Performance Dashboards

To view the performance of a campaign, click the campaign name on the Campaigns Sent table.


This dashboard lists these details on a message level:

  • Campaign's internal name
  • Timestamp
  • Segment (recipients)
  • Summary of the message make-up: MMS, SMS, or both
  • Total Delivered with completion time
  • Clicks: number and percentage
  • Conversions: number and percentage of clicks
  • Revenue: Total and cost per message
  • Unsubscribed percentage with exact number

You can also view a message’s activity over a 24-hour period:

  • x axis is hour by hour
  • y axis is number of clicks

The Conversion Details dashboard shows conversions by region and platform.