Conversations are threads containing messages your customers have sent you and your responses. Only messages that don’t contain the standard subscribing or global keywords (such as HELP or STOP) are included.

Note: Attentive can also integrate the conversations feature with various customer service platforms, such as Zendesk and Gorgias. See Customer Service Integrations to learn more.

In the left navigation, the number of unread conversations displays in the chat bubble. When the unread conversations are above 99, it displays as 99+).


Messages are sorted in reverse chronological order, with the most recent message received at the top. You can sort these messages by Unread or Latest.

The right side of the screen shows the selected conversation, including all messages sent and received with your program.

The Conversations tab lets you:

  • View and respond to messages from your customer. Type your response directly in the Type your message here box at the bottom of the chat, which shows a character count and allows you to include things like images. Your response is sent as a text message back to the subscriber.
  • View the name of the person in your company who replied to each customer (or “Auto Reply” for automated responses).
    Note: We recommend that you set up the Autoresponder so your customers receive an immediate response when they reply, adding to their personalized experience. You can turn your auto-response on and off, depending on the availability of your team. See the Settings Tab for more details.
  • Unsubscribe users in your program by clicking Unsubscribe in the top-right corner of each conversation.