Our various integrations allow you to seamlessly connect SMS marketing to your third-party platforms, such as an email service provider, customer service platform, ecommerce platform, and much more. In the Integrations tab, you can set up and manage these integrations, as well as create your own applications.

For more information about creating your own application, see Create and manage custom apps.

View available integrations

After you log in to the Attentive platform and click Integrations, two sections appear on the page: Your Apps and All Apps.

You can click the Filter drop-down menu to filter by app category or use the Search field to find a specific app. 


Your Apps include integrations that are currently connected to your Attentive account. It is divided into the following two categories:

  • Installed by you—These are the applications that were built by Attentive and available to everyone.
  • Built by you—These are the custom applications that your organization created for specific use. See Create and manage custom apps for details.

All Apps include available integrations that you can set up for your account. Each integration has a corresponding setup guide that can walk you through connecting your third-party platform to Attentive. These integrations are divided into the following categories: