Company Settings

You can edit your company's address and time zone, as well as the name that is shown at the beginning of your messages. Clients on a dedicated phone number will also have the ability to create their virtual contact card. This feature lets subscribers save your number as a contact in their phones with an associated image and other information. For more information, see Contact Cards.


The following table outlines features in the Messages tab:

Feature Description
Smart Sending Attentive's "Smart Sending" tool automatically prevents subscribers who recently received a one-time message from receiving another. The default setting is 12 hours, but you can edit this window to be longer or shorter than the default. For more information, see Smart Sending.
Quiet Hours Attentive also prevents automated messages from sending during "Quiet Hours." Our default quiet hours are between 8PM and 12PM (local time of recipient), but you can edit these to fit your audience's habits. Messages that would have been sent during quiet hours are queued up to send when quiet hours are over. For more information, see Quiet Hours.
Autoresponders We recommend sending an auto-reply to acknowledge when your subscribers reply to your messages. You can change your auto-response (or turn it off) at any time. Auto replies only send once every 24 hours. For more information, see Autoresponders.

Remove a Subscriber

If a subscriber requests to be removed from your list, you can easily unsubscribe them by typing in their phone number and clicking the Unsubscribe button.

Google Analytics Link Tracking

If you use Google Analytics, we recommend setting the standard utm_source and utm_medium here so it is automatically included in all one-time message links. You can edit these values or turn link tracking off at any time. For one-time messages, the message name will be automatically added as the utm_campaign, but this setting can be overridden when you are creating the message.

Custom Attributes

You can manage custom attributes, which can be used in segmenting your subscribers. See Create custom attributes for segmentation for details.

Connected Apps

Connected apps are third-party integrations (created with Attentive's APIs) that have been granted access to that Attentive account's data. See Create and manage custom apps for details.