How to set up your WhatCounts integration:

In order to set up your Whatcounts integration, you’ll need three pieces of information:

1. Authorization Details
In order to give Attentive permission to add contacts to WhatCounts, you’ll need your WhatCounts Account Name and API Password


To get your API Password, go to the WhatCounts platform and navigate Customer Center -> API Management -> Setup API. Copy the current API Password. If there is no password, click Generate password.


2. List Details
You can add contacts to whichever WhatCounts list you’d like. Once you know which list you’d like Attentive to add to, simply navigate to the list and copy the List ID. The List ID should be numeric. 


Once you have your Account Name, API Password, and List ID. Please enter them on the integration setup page for WhatCounts and click “Set up integration”.



We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team ( to ask about the Attentive + WhatCounts integration.