Here’s the bad news: Cart abandonment is a serious problem for online retailers. 74.2% of consumers on e-commerce websites abandon a cart prior to purchasing, equating to well over $4 trillion in lost transactions each year. Now, here’s the good news: 63% of that is potentially recoverable.

While abandoned online shopping carts represent lost revenue that impacts your bottom line, a well-timed cart abandonment reminder sent via text is an effective way to re-engage high-intent shoppers. Fit this type of text message in between your existing touchpoints on email and web push notifications. Here are some tips:

  • Based on our experience with thousands of clients, we've found that shorter windows convert better, and recommend sending your cart abandonment message 15-60 minutes after the user abandons.
  • Use strong copywriting to maximize a sense of urgency.
  • Increase the chance for conversion by inserting a link to direct the shopper back to the cart page vs. your home page.

Here are some possible options for strong Cart Abandonment Reminder Messages:

  • The items in your cart are selling out fast Buy ‘em before someone else does! Use code: SMS20 at checkout NOW for 20% OFF your entire cart!
  • You're so close--complete your order now before {productName} is gone! 
  • Last chance: your cart is expiring! Get FREE shipping today: 
  • Hey, it looks like you forgot something in your cart. It's selling out fast so get it before it’s gone! Checkout now:

 Cart Abandonment Messages, By the Numbers:

  • Cart Abandonment Reminder Avg. CTR: 33%
  • Cart Abandonment Reminder Avg. CVR: 19%
  • Cart Abandonment Reminder Avg. Revenue/Send: $8.00

Attentive enforces quiet hours for automated messages. If an automated message is triggered between 8PM and 12PM (local time of recipient), the delivery will be delayed until quiet hours If you want to make adjustments to your Quiet Hours, you can do so in the
Settings tab of the Attentive app.

Carrier guidelines for cart abandonment messages

Carrier guidelines state that businesses are limited to sending one message per abandonment event. This message must be sent within 48 hours after the event (i.e., user views the product or adds the product to cart). In our experience with thousands of clients, we've found that sending the message within the first 60 minutes results in more conversions.

These changes have been implemented across the industry and include all text providers and all carriers. Any business that is not compliant risks the suspension of their text marketing programs. We are in direct, constant contact with the carriers to help define these guidelines and emphasize the importance of personalized messages. Our goal, as always, is to ensure that messages delivered to your subscribers remain relevant, timely, and delightful.