What are contact cards?

Contact cards contain your company's contact information and let subscribers save your number as a contact in their phones with an associated image and other information.

Does sending a contact card count as sending an MMS?

Yes - sending a contact card does count as sending an MMS message.

Do you need to have a dedicated phone number in order to have contact cards?

Yes - you must have a dedicated phone number in order to create and send your own branded contact card. For more information about dedicated phone numbers, contact the White Glove team (whiteglove@attentivemobile.com).

Does adding your name and tagline reduce the message character count?  

No - information in the contact card doesn’t reduce the message character count. 

Does adding a logo mean every text will be considered an MMS message?

No - only the initial text message, which includes the contact card attachment, counts as an MMS message. 

Are contact cards supported on all devices?

Yes - virtual contact cards are supported on all devices with the exception of a small number of older Android phones. However, we're seeing that all current models (e.g., Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel) do support this feature.

Is there a way to track the number of subscribers who add a contact card?

Since a contact card is added on a subscriber’s own device, there’s no way to track if the contact card gets added. A good analogy is if you were to send a photo to your friend by text, there’s no way to tell if your friend saved the photo. This is the same for contact cards.