Segmenting in Attentive’s platform enables you to send targeted, personalized messages and engage subscribers based on various factors. With the Attentive + Klaviyo integration, you can add pre-created customer segments from your Klaviyo account into Attentive’s segmentation functionality so you can orchestrate across SMS and email. This allows you to leverage your Klaviyo segments directly in Attentive.

Note: You can't use Klaviyo segments if you don't have email-first creatives. This is because we match Klaviyo and Attentive subscribers based on email address. So if we aren't capturing emails for Attentive subscribers, this functionality can't be used.

Complete the following steps outlined in this article:

Before you begin

In order to leverage Klaviyo third-party segments, you must set up the Attentive + Klaviyo integration. See Klaviyo: Setup Guide for details.

Import Klaviyo segments into Attentive

Now, complete the following procedure to import your Klaviyo segment:

  1. Log in to your Klaviyo account and navigate to the Lists & Segments tab.
  2. Click the name of the segment you want to import into Attentive.
  3. Copy the webpage URL. For example,
  4. Log in to the Attentive platform and navigate to the Integration page.
  5. Click the Manage tab and select Klaviyo.
  6. Click +Add segments and then click +Add segment. The Add Segment modal appears, as shown in the following image.
  7. Enter the following information:
    • Name—A unique name for the segment.
    • Description—A short description to help you identify the segment.
    • Segment URL—The Klaviyo webpage URL that you copied in a previous step.
  8. Click Add segment. The Klaviyo segment begins to upload and will appear in Attentive’s platform after 24 hours. The segment refreshes every 24 hours after it was originally added. For example, if the segment was added at 3PM, it synchronizes again the following day around 3PM. You can't manually refresh the segment.

If you would like to import more than one segment, repeat this procedure for each segment you want to add.

View your Klaviyo segments in Attentive

After your Klaviyo segment is uploaded, it appears in Attentive’s segment builder. Complete the following procedure to view your Klaviyo segment in Attentive:

  1. Navigate to the Segments page.
  2. Click the Third-party tab. Your uploaded Klaviyo segments appear, as shown in the following example image.
  3. Select a Klaviyo segment. The following details appear:
    • Segment Status: The last time the segment was refreshed.
    • Segment Source: Where the segments are pulled from.
    • Segment Size: This shows the total number of customers in the segment (total subscribers) and the number of non-fatigued customers included in the segment (eligible subscribers). The number of eligible subscribers changes as your customers move in and out of fatigued and non-fatigued status. Customer fatigue is whatever you set your fatigue rules in the Attentive platform; these are specific to each company.
    • Match Rate: The total number of Attentive subscribers divided by the total number of Klaviyo subscribers in the segment.

      Note: All these values will update to reflect any changes of status among users within that 24 hour time period.

Create a campaign using a Klaviyo segment

Complete the following procedure to add your Klaviyo segment to a one-time message campaign in Attentive:

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns page.
  2. Click the +Create campaign button.
  3. Click One-time message, and then click Continue. The Set up your campaign page appears.
  4. Enter the Campaign name.
  5. Click the Who will you send this Campaign to drop-down list.
  6. Scroll to the Third-party Segments section and select your Klaviyo segment.
  7. (Optional) Click Include below the drop-down list and repeat the previous step to add another segment. Note that you can include up to three segments.
  8. (Optional) Click Exclude below the drop-down list to exclude a segment from your campaign. Note that you can exclude up to three segments.
  9. Click Save & Continue.

Complete the steps to Compose a message and Review and send a message to finish creating your one-time message campaign.

Use a Klaviyo segment as a condition in your Attentive segments

You can create an Attentive segment using Klaviyo by selecting Third-party segment as a condition. This allows you to use other conditions in addition to your Klaviyo segment. For example, the following segment uses the third-party segment (Klaviyo) that are repeat buyers using iOS devices.