If you want to get started with Attentive segments and our Klaviyo Segments offering but don’t know where to start - fret not! In this guide, we’ll give you some ideas on what kinds of segments to create and how to use them effectively. 

Segments overview

In this article we’ll take a look at the following kinds of segment types and correlating strategies you can implement using these segments. 

Types of segments

  • VIP segments: Segments made up of frequent purchasers or purchasers with high LTV.
  • Unengaged subscriber segments: Segments made up of subscribers who haven’t opened an email in X days or subscribers who haven’t purchased a product in X days.
  • Product and category segments: Customers who have purchased X product or customers who have purchased products from X category. 
  • Promotion/sale segments: Customers who have made a purchase from a site-wide promotion or sale. 
  • Back-in- stock segments: Customers who have subscribed to back-in-stock updates. 

Engagement Strategies 

Reengage customers 

While every brand is always on the hunt to find new customers, it’s often a costly endeavor to acquire new customers. That’s why reengagement strategies are a tried-and-true way to drive revenue and increase LTV among your existing customers in a cost-effective manner. Engage customers who haven’t made a purchase in 30, 60, or 90 days as well as customers who haven’t opened emails within a certain time frame. 

Engage and reward your top customers

Drive retention and LTV by providing rewards or incentives to your top customers. These could be VIP customers who have made X purchases in the past year, for example. 

Engage customers around brand promotions, sitewide sales, or new products launches that are relevant to them. 

Leverage previous purchase history as well as email and SMS open rates and CTRs to inform the creation of segments that will be likely to respond well to a given promotion, sitewide sale, or product launch. For example, customers who have purchased rain gear 3 times in the past 3 months would be great candidates for the launch of a new rainboot design. 

Best Practices

A/B test, test, and test! 

A/B testing is an easy and cost-effective way to understand how to drive better open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. We support A/B testing directly in the Attentive UI and can support up to 4 variants per test. Here are a couple of examples of some effective kinds of A/B tests you can get started with: 

  • Lift Test: Understand how creatives impact open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Simply split traffic and show 50% of your customers a message with no creative the other 50% a message with a creative. 
    • Additionally, you can try A/B testing on copy as well to see what copy resonates most with your customers! 
  • Discount Test: Refine your promotions and discounts by understanding what kinds of discounts customers respond to. Test different amounts (like a 10%-off discount code vs a 15%-off discount code) or merely test different copy with the same discount amount.  

Avoid message fatigue with Smart Sending 

Always consider the time of day and frequency of your SMS messages. Attentive’s Smart Sending feature can help you avoid fatiguing customers by sending too many messages and/or sending them at inconvenient times.