Display rules 

Compliance checks

Text to join


What can I do using sign-up units? 

You can do all of the following: 

  • View, copy and edit your existing journeys welcome messages
  • Create and design new sign-up units, offers, and welcome messages 
  • Manage and assign offers and welcome journeys to sign-up units
  • Build confidently knowing our tool is built with compliance in mind and will automatically check for ADA compliance and maintain audit trails

What if I experience issues? If something is broken? 

If you experience any issues while using sign-up units, contact our White Glove team (whiteglove@attentivemobile.com). Your feedback is invaluable in helping us build better products.

Can I run an A/B test of my sign-up units?  

A/B tests are available to preview within the Attentive platform, but you can't edit.  

If you would like to run an A/B test of your sign-up units on your website, contact our White Glove team (whiteglove@attentivemobile.com).



What are shared, unique, and Shopify auto-gen discount codes? 

Display Rules 

What are display rules?

Use display rules to allow or block where you want a sign-up unit to appear on your website. Display rules include pop-up timer, scroll delay, and exit intent. To set up display rules, contact your client strategy manager or White Glove.

What is exit intent?

Exit intent is a display rule that lets you convert visitors who are about to leave your website into buyers by displaying a final reminder. You can also include an incentive and/or offer. The goal is to convert these visitors into email and SMS subscribers. The exit intent display rule can also be useful if you are concerned about the effects of showing a sign-up unit immediately on your site, as you can set it to appear only if a user is about to abandon the site.

Attentive tracks website visitors’ behavior and mouse movement and detects the exact moment they are about to abandon your checkout page or leave a specific product page, such as:

  • On desktop – when a user moves the mouse cursor outside of the browser window towards the URL bar or navigation buttons
  • On mobile devices – when the user scrolls down a page and back up quickly

Compliance checks 

Our sign-up unit builder is built with compliance in mind and automatically checks accessibility and maintains audit trails. If you receive a warning, review the following guidelines, which will help you stay in compliance. 

Note: We maintain a full audit trail so that you’ll also see who within your company made the last edit on a sign-up unit.

Text size

Text size can’t be set less than .625rem to adhere to accessibility standards for legibility.


Legal language

Legal language is standardized across all sign-up units and vetted by the phone carriers to adhere to TCPA guidelines. You can't edit this language; however you can change the size, font, background color, and opacity.

Background image

When you upload a background image, your font color may contrast against several different colors in the image. Because we are unable to fully confirm color contrast against every pixel, you should check that the headlines are readable and the close icon (x) on the top right is fully visible before activating the sign-up unit.

Font sizes 

Font sizes are factored into contrast ratio thresholds. Attentive vets sign-up units to ensure a 4:5:1 ratio is met for normal text, and a 3:1 ratio is met for large text.

Color contrast 

A color contrast alert might appear if there’s not enough contrast between your text and background colors. Either color can be changed to achieve a valid contrast ratio by updating the corresponding hexadecimal code to increase the color contrast.


You will not be able to activate your sign-up unit until the contrast is in compliance. You can use these methods to troubleshoot the contrast issue: 

  • Invert the text color until there is enough color contrast between the text and the background (e.g., white to black, or black to white).
  • Darken/ lighten (adjust) the background color by a few degrees until there is enough color contrast between the text color and background color.


Tip! You can check the color contrast using one of the following websites and following our best practices:




Text to join

What is a text to join campaign?

Text to join is a great way to grow offsite SMS subscribers via traditional print media campaigns like in-store signage and displays, and other online marketing channels like email, social media, blogs, and paid media campaigns. With text to join campaigns, your audience can easily opt in to receive SMS messages from your business by easily sending a keyword to a shortcode via text message.

Example: ‘Text OLIVER to 1234 and get a special offer when you join our SMS program!”