Follow these steps to create a new sign-up unit. 

Note: You can see example sign-up units customizations here

  1. Starting on the Subscribers tab, click + Create sign-up flow.


  2. On the Create sign-up flow page, enter a name for the unit.

    name sign-up unit.jpg

  3. Under Templates, choose a template.
    For more information about the available templates, see What are sign-up units.
    Templates with higher conversion rates are noted.

    choose sign-up template.jpg

  4. Click Create.
  5. Proceed to designing your sign-up unit.

Components of a sign-up unit builder

The sign-up unit builder displays all the information about an existing sign-up unit. 

The builder has four tabs: 

Each tab displays:

  • Name of the sign-up unit you are viewing
  • A date and time stamp indicating the last time the sign-up unit was edited and by whom

If your sign-up unit is inactive, the
Save and close button allows you to save your progress and return later to complete your work. (If your unit is currently active, you won’t see this button.)

Click the three dots on the top right to view a menu with options to rename or make a copy of the current sign-up unit.

rename-make copy.jpg