Use dynamic segments to build segments of subscribers based on specific, similar conditions so that you can send the most relevant messages. A dynamic segment is set up once, but new subscribers are added as their conditions or activity meet the criteria in the segment. 

Note: See this article for Shopify-specific information.

To create a dynamic segment:

    1. Sign in to your Attentive account.
    2. Click Segments in the left navigation bar to view the Segments screen.
    3. Click + Create segment.


    4. Click Create next to Dynamic segment.


The Create a segment screen appears. 


Add subscribers to a dynamic segment

To add subscribers to a dynamic segment: 

  1. Use the first menu to indicate how to filter your subscriber list, by a condition such as:
  • their activity
  • their characteristics
  • a segment they're already in 
    Note: See descriptions in the tables that follow.


    2. Choose a condition from the menus and build more precise segments by using AND/OR connectors.

    Note:  As you build a segment using the conditions options, the number of subscribers who will be included is calculated and displayed on the right. 

    3. Click Create.


The choices on the Activity menu allow you to include a subscriber who has (or has not) done something (such as made a purchase) in a certain amount of time.


The options are:

A subscriber's activity  
Subscribed The subscriber's sign-up date
Clicked a shortlink
  • The number of times a subscriber has clicked your message during a given time period


  • Choose from a list of specific campaigns that a subscriber has clicked 

For more information, see Segment by previous campaign engagement.

Made a purchase* The number of times a subscriber has purchased from you during a given time period. *(This option might not appear. Contact
Viewed Product*

The number of times a subscriber has viewed a product during a given period.

*(This option might not appear. Contact

Added to Cart* The number of times a subscriber has added a product  to cart during a given period. *(This option might not appear. Contact
Visited Site The number of times a subscriber has visited your site during a given period


The choices on the Choose characteristic menu allow you to include a subscriber based on geography, device type, or operating system and other attributes.

Note: There's a list of standard Attentive characteristics (see the following table), but you can also create custom attributes.


The options are:

Location (State, City, Zip Code): The information inferred from the subscribers' IP address
Device Type

Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Other

Operating System

Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Other

Source All possible sources of sign-ups (on-site creatives, keywords, etc.)
Subscriber Tag

The specific tags related to manual uploads.

Note: This must be configured by the White Glove team (

Manual Upload The data was uploaded manually.
Third Party Segment This data is pulled from a third-party integration. For example, a Klaviyo segment can be used as a condition to build an Attentive segment.

Note: Klaviyo provides additional options for segmentation for email characteristics.


You can choose to add subscribers from other segments you've created to a new segment.



You can also choose actions and properties of subscribers to be included or excluded in your segment by toggling between IS/IS NOT and HAS/HAS NOT. For example, if you want to include subscribers who have purchased at least once you would select HAS and then choose PURCHASED from the Condition dropdown menu. 

You can also connect conditions using AND/OR:

  • Connect segment criteria with an AND to shrink the size of the segment
  • Use OR connectors to expand the size of the segment

Use both AND and OR connectors between segment criteria to refine your audience


For example, the segment:

  • Made a purchase at least once in the last 30 days 


  • Clicked a message at least once in the last 30 days 

Would be a smaller audience than:

  • Made a purchase at least once in the last 30 days 


  • Clicked a message at least once in the last 30 days

To use AND and OR connectors when building your segment, click either the AND or OR buttons.


Your selection will open a new selection statement. As you add criteria to the segment, you can separate each one by either an AND or an OR. 

Save your segment details

To save your segment:

  1. Enter a unique name for your segment in the Name field.
  2. Enter a brief description of your segment in the Description field.


Your newly created segment now appears on the Segments page in the Attentive tab.

To learn more

Now that you know how to create segments, read more about how to create high-ROI segments.