Use journey performance metrics to make tweaks and improve your journeys over time. Note that all metrics are delayed by at least one hour. Journey metrics include:

  • Total sent: The total number of messages sent to subscribers by this journey.
  • CTR: Click-through rate. Calculated by the total clicks divided by the number of recipients. Note that clicks are not unique, and one subscriber clicking multiple times will increase CTR.
  • Revenue: The revenue attributed to this journey.
  • CVR: Conversion rate. Calculated by the total number of conversions divided by the number of clicks. Note that purchases/conversions are not unique, and one subscriber making multiple purchases will increase CVR.

See journey performance metrics

  1. From the Journeys page, click the three dots in the tile, and select View Performance from the menu.
    The Journey map appears.
  2. You can see the performance of the journey in the upper-right corner of the map. Note that the stats shown are for the current version of the journey. To see the stats for prior versions of the journey, click the version dropdown and select a different version of the journey.

See the performance of a message within a journey


  1. From an active journey, click the box under Send text message in the journey.
  2. If you've included an A/B test in the Journey, you can see right on the map the number sent and how long the test has been running.
  3. Click the A/B test to view the A/B test performance stats for each variant with more detailed stats for your A/B test. 
  4. To see how previous versions of a Journey performed, select from the version drop-down at the top. The same information as in Step 2 will be displayed for this version.