If you are on a dedicated phone number, you have the ability to create a virtual contact card for your company on the Company Settings page. This feature lets subscribers save your number as a contact in their phones with an associated image and other information.

Contact cards allow you to increase brand recognition and engagement by personalizing your text messages. With contact cards, you will be able to:

  • Enhance personalization and differentiate your brand by adding your brand name and logo to your messages
  • Boost engagement, drive conversations, and lower opt-out rates when subscribers save you as a contact
  • Improve the customer experience and create an emotional connection with your subscribers by sending them rich video content after they’ve added you as a contact


What information do I need to set up my contact card?

  • Contact Display Name (required)
  • Subheader (optional)
    • A short description that appears under the display name on the contact profile
  • Contact image (required)
    • We recommend uploading a 240px x 240px PNG, JPG or GIF image.
  • Company URL (optional)
    • A link to your website from the contact profile
  • Company email (optional)
    • A company email for your subscribers to access from the contact profile
  • Company address (optional)
    • A company address your subscribers can access from the contact profile 

How do I send my contact card to subscribers?

We recommend following these two steps to ensure that all subscribers, existing and new, receive your contact card:

  1. For existing subscribers, attach your contact card to a campaign message. See Send One-Time Messages for more information.
  2. For new customers, add your contact card to your Welcome Series to ensure that subscribers get your contact card as soon as they sign up for your SMS program. To learn how, see Create a welcome journey and Add a virtual contact card to a message.