Quiet hours restrict when marketing messages are sent to subscribers. By default, quiet hours for all marketing messages is between 8PM - 12PM at the local time of the recipient.

You should know

Quiet hours applies differently to different kinds of messages:

  • Triggered messages like journeys will not send messages during quiet hours. Each message that was prevented from being sent during quiet hours is queued and is sent when quiet hours are over.
  • Scheduled and send now messages like campaigns will send messages during quiet hours. If you try to schedule or send a campaign during quiet hours, you’ll see a warning that messages will be sent outside of quiet hours.
  • Transactional messages ignore quiet hours entirely, and will send messages when triggered. For example, if you’re using order confirmation transactional journeys, subscribers will receive a message confirming their order regardless of when they ordered the item. For more, check out What are transactional journeys?
  • If a subscriber sends you a message during quiet hours, the autoresponder will send them a message regardless of how Smart Sending or Quiet Hours are configured. However, only one autoresponder message will be sent every 24 hours.

Change quiet hours for your brand

  1. From Attentive, go to the Settings tab and click Messages.
  2. Click Messages.
  3. Scroll to Quiet Hours, and use the menus to select a new start and end of quiet hours.a-qh.png
  4. When you’re done, click Save settings at the bottom of the screen.