Welcome to Attentive! To help you make the most out of your first 30 days, we created this learning path to introduce you to our products. Each stop on the Quick-start learning path takes you to an article where you can find a video overview with step-by-step illustrated instructions and how-to guides.

If you're someone who likes to see the big picture when you start a learning journey, we recommend taking 30 minutes to view all videos in each article. If you prefer learning firmly embedded in your workday, just visit each stop when you need to. Our online resources are always available to you from within the Attentive platform, whenever you need the support.

Complete the following steps in order to walk through the Quick-start path:

Step Description Video
1 Navigate through the Attentive platform. Tour
  • Create a successful one-time campaign.
  • Create an A/B test.
3 Create offers using shared, unique and auto-generated discount codes.
4 Create sign-up units guaranteed to build your subscriber list. Create a sign-up flow
  • Automate and personalize messages.
  • Add offers to journeys.
  • Segment branches to send tailored messages.
  • Create a journey informing your customers about their order.
  • Create a journey with ReCharge notifying your customers about the status of their subscription.
  • Branch on product properties to further personalize messages.
7 Group subscribers according to common behavior and traits and send targeted messages. Create segments
8 Improve the flow of data between your platforms. Build platform connections