With Journeys, you can automate the process of sending message to subscribers when they take certain actions, like opting in, browsing, or purchasing. You can personalize messages by device type, location, or even past behaviors.

The Journeys tab lets you:

  • Create a new journey or a new custom journey
  • Filter journeys by status
    Available statuses include:
    • All statuses
    • Active: Journeys that are being sent to subscribers when they meet the corresponding trigger.
    • Inactive: Journeys that were finalized, but deactivated.
    • Draft: Journeys that have not yet been completed.
  • Filter journeys by the trigger used
    Available trigger filters include:
    • Signed up: Welcome journeys sent to subscribers after opting in to messaging. Often include discount codes.
    • Viewed a product: Browse abandonment journey sent to subscribers if they viewed a product, but didn’t add it to their cart or complete a purchase.
    • Added to cart: Cart abandonment journey sent to subscribers if they added a product to their cart, but did not complete the purchase.
    • Made a purchase: Post purchase journey sent to subscribers after they complete a purchase on your website.
  • View the performance of a journey
  • Edit and clone a journey
  • Rename or deactivate a journey