Campaigns are targeted, one-time messages that you can send to your subscribers. Use campaigns to let your subscribers know about something specific, like an upcoming sale or when an item is back in stock, or use A/B test campaigns to learn which of your creatives have better conversion rates.

The Campaigns tab lets you:

See scheduled, delivered, and draft campaigns

Use the Scheduled, Delivered, and Drafts buttons to see each of your campaigns by status.


  • Scheduled campaigns show you each campaign scheduled for the future. You can see the scheduled date and time, as well as the segments included in the campaign:
    You can also click the Calendar button to see a calendar of scheduled campaigns:

  • Delivered campaigns shows you each completed campaign, along with their CTR, CVR, and revenue. For more on these terms, check out View campaign performance.
  • Drafts shows you each drafted - but not delivered or sent - campaign: