We know that subscribers who've clicked on a campaign message are more likely to engage with follow-up messages. We've added a new filter that allows you to target not only those subscribers who've clicked a campaign message in the past, but also subscribers who've clicked a specific campaign message. This filter also allows you to build a segment subscribers who've clicked or did not click a previously sent campaign message. 

Include subscribers who clicked specific campaign messages:

  • Select subscribers who've clicked on a previous campaign message about a sale promotion, to send them a message for early access to a new sale
  • Select subscribers who've clicked on a new product announcement text to send them follow-up information regarding the new product

To segment your subscriber list to a specific campaign message:

  1. Click Segments in the left navigation bar to view the Segments screen.
  2. Click the Create segment button.
  3. Select Dynamic segment, and then click Create. The Create a segment screen appears.


  4. Use the filters to compose a conditional statement such as:

    Has... Clicked a shortlink during a certain timeframe.
  5. A new Campaign conditional filter opens below.
  6. Choose the specific campaign by clicking the plus sign in the Choose campaign list. A list of campaigns appears, chronologically from the last one sent.

  7. Check the campaign, and then click Apply Selection to return to the Create a segment screen.