What happens if a customer opts-in to transactional messages but doesn’t provide their phone number?

The customer will not be opted-in to transactional messages, and will not receive a message about their order. While this may cause some customers to not opt-in who otherwise intended to, this will prevent any interruptions to your checkout flow in Shopify.

Do subscribers have to opt-in to marketing messages to receive transactional messages?

Nope! One of the benefits of transactional messages is that they allow subscribers who do not want to still receive SMS alerts from brands they signed up with.

What happens if a customer who opted-in to transactional messages only also opts-in to marketing messages?

The subscriber will receive order updates after they make a purchase, and will receive marketing messages when you schedule a campaign or if the subscriber qualifies for an automated message. The subscriber will always receive their transactional message, even if they’ve received a marketing message recently.

What are the differences between regular/marketing subscribers and transactional-only subscribers?

Transactional-only subscribers can only be contacted following an order update that we receive from Shopify. Transactional subscribers will also not appear in segments in Attentive, will never be included in a campaign, and will not be eligible to enter any other marketing journey (unless your journey branches between marketing and transactional subscribers).

If a transactional-only subscriber responds to a message about their order, they are sent the same automated response as a marketing subscriber would receive. Transactional-only subscribers may also be contacted directly by the brand using their CX platform integration through Attentive.

Can I use Shopify’s native transactional message alert feature with Attentive transactional messages?

We strongly recommend against using Shopify’s alert feature with Attentive transactional messages. If you do not disable Shopify’s native SMS alert feature, your customers may receive two messages for every transactional event, both increasing your messaging costs and creating a confusing experience for your customers.