If you're on a dedicated shortcode or a toll-free number, you can add brief MP4 videos to your one-time or A/B test campaign messages.

Adding a video to your campaign messages can help you:

  • Drive more engagement in a new way by sending video content.
  • Share branded video content easily when subscribers view it in their messaging app.
  • Deliver high quality video cost effectively.

For step-by-step instructions, see Create and send a campaign to learn how to add a video to a campaign.

You should know

  • Video messages use the same pricing as other types of MMS messages.
  • Video messages only appear for iOS subscribers if they have your number saved as a contact.
    • Note: You can help ensure that subscribers save your number by including a virtual contact card in a message to them.
  • Once opened, videos will loop.
  • Apple does not allow video messages to play automatically. Subscribers must tap Tap to Preview before the video will begin playing.
  • You do not need to add a shortlink to video messages because the video itself is a link and can track clicks. Note that if you create a message with a shortlink and attempt to add a video, the video option will be grayed out, as shown in the following image.
  • Video messages can have sound. If your video doesn't need sound, consider adding it as a gif instead!

Video message requirements

  • MP4 video files only, with a maximum file size of 8MB.
  • Must include a fallback image in case the video can't load. Fallback images can be up to 300KB.
  • Must include a link.
  • Must include a UTM campaign.
  • Must include a title.

iOS vs. Android video messages

Video messages are handled differently by the default messaging apps in iOS and Android mobile devices. 

iOS video messages:

  • Videos and fallback images only appear if your number is saved as a contact. If your number isn't saved as a contact, subscribers will only see the message text.


Android video messages:

  • Android devices do not support Attentive's video format or fallback images. When subscribers open a video message from you on an Android device, they see only the message text.
  • Virtual contact cards are supported on newer Android devices. However, subscribers will still not see a video message regardless of whether or not they have saved your contact card.

Common questions

The following table answers some common questions based on device type.


Are Video Messages supported?

Size / limitations

What is the alternative if my subscriber doesn’t see a Video Message

Are Contact Cards supported?


Yes, but only after a Contact Card is added

Up to 8MB, duration doesn’t matter

Subscriber will only see a link



No. However, we expect newer devices to support video messages in the future.


Subscriber will see only the text of a message.

Yes for newer devices.

Note: Adding a Contact Card doesn’t impact seeing the image alternative