You can track and manage your offers on the Offers screen. Here you’ll see a list of your offers, along with their status, number of discount codes remaining, and details about when they were added and edited. You can also search and filter on the list of offers to find the ones you’re looking for.


Once you’ve applied offers, such as discount codes, to your sign-up units, you can also use this screen to check which of your sign-up units is connected to each discount code to verify that you’ve set everything up correctly and ensure your customers receive the right code.

  1. Navigate to Offers on the side menu.
  2. On the Offers page, in the row of the offer you want to review, click the three dots and select Edit.


  3. On the Edit (shared or unique) discount code(s) page, review the list of sign-up units to which the discount code is currently applied.
    The status of each sign-up unit displays on the right.


  4. (Optional) Scroll down and make any needed edits to the offer under Details and/or Discount Link, and then click Update.
    A success message displays, confirming the offer is updated.