During holidays and other peak times, your customers may experience delays in receiving your MMS messages from a toll-free number due to congestion across the cellular carriers. This is an industry-wide issue (unrelated to Attentive).

Follow these best practices to reach your subscribers and hit your ROI goals during the busiest times of the year:

  • Consider sending SMS instead. We expect minimal congestion and much faster send speeds. If you have questions, we can help adapt or adjust your message for maximum results!
  • If you do send MMS, send the smallest image size possible. While our system allows for 500KB, images 200KB or smaller send faster with the carriers and are recommended.
  • Avoid sending time-sensitive messages as MMS. Use SMS instead for messages that might cause customer service issues (e.g., messages with language such as “last call” or a cut-off time).
  • Send your MMS early. Congestion typically begins in the early afternoon (Eastern Time), so sending earlier in the morning can help. Using time zone-relative messages is a great way to do this effectively!

Additional tips and tricks for sending text messages during holidays and peak times:

  • Bookend promotions. Our clients achieve the highest ROI and lowest opt-out rates when they bookend major holiday promotions with "sale's starting" and "sale's ending" messages, averaging 2-3 campaign messages during the holiday period.
  • Use Segmentation. Throughout a sale period, use segmentation to target non-purchasers or people who didn’t engage with your first message. Or create a targeted segment of your VIP customers.
  • Give an early look to VIPs. Offer early access (a few hours ahead of your other channels) to valued VIPs on your SMS list. Or extend your sale for your SMS list.