What is A/B test send time?

Send time A/B tests let you test different send times as variants in a campaign. When you run send time tests, you can analyze the performance of each time variant and learn the optimal time to send campaigns to subscribers.

What times can I test with A/B send times testing?

If you want to test different times on the same day, you can add a time variant for each hour. You can also test different times on different days.

Can I test both different copy and different send times?

Not currently. You can test either the copy or the send times, but not both at once. When testing send times, the campaign copy must be identical.

Can I use MMS messages with A/B testing send times?

No. Send time A/B tests must be SMS messages, not MMS or video. When testing, it’s important to avoid as many delays as possible, and using SMS messages helps ensure your tests will be sent quickly.

Can I combine pick-a-winner functionality with A/B send time tests?

No. Because send times A/B tests are sent across different times and days, campaigns must be sent to all recipients at once.

How many variants can I test at once?

All campaign A/B tests, including A/B send times, support up to four variants.