Every marketer knows that segmenting your audience will significantly improve engagement rates for any comms. Leverage segments to branch within journeys and send subscribers what they want to see to promote quicker ROI.

🚫 Without segmentation

  • Brands send the same messages to everyone
  • Some people click and some wonder why you’re messaging them at all
  • Your SMS marketing feels like a lot of work for a little reward

With segmentation 

  • Your subscribers get what they want to see
  • Subscribers are more engaged because you give them contextually relevant information
  • Your marketing efforts feel more personal and drive better results

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Before you get started

The use cases below are examples of some of the use cases that may be possible depending on which segments you have available. The segments that you have available depend on which integrations you're using with Attentive. Although you can use any of the segments that you see in your Segments tab in Attentive, some of the use cases below may require additional setup work. 

Reach out to your CSM if you have any questions about which segments you'll be able to use.

Demographic segments

Send messages targeted by the demographics of your subscribers.

  • Location: Send different offers to in-store vs. website visitors.
  • Gender: Tailor messaging by gender.
  • Age: Send special birthday discounts and offers to subscribers on their birthday.

Channel engagement segments

Send messages to subscribers based on their previous engagement with you.

  • Email: Subscribers who opened or did not open an email (Klayvio only).
    Tip: Delay the send and position content as a (gentle, friendly) reminder.
  • Messages: Subscribers who clicked or did not click on a message
  • Inactive or lapsed customers: Send messaging designed to re-engage with customers by sending special offers.

Amount spent segments

Target messaging based around how much (or how little!) subscribers have spent in the past.

  • VIP/loyalty shoppers: Add customers with high lifetime value (LTV) to a segment.
    Tip: Send special offers, discounts, and early access to keep your high LTV customers spending.
  • Sale shoppers: Add customers who are more likely to make purchases during sales.
    Tip: When a new sale starts, send sale shoppers additional promotional offers that work in tandem with the sale.
  • Brand shoppers: Add customers who tend to buy products from specific brands.
    Tip: Send brand-loyal customers a notice when their favorite brand has new products.

Purchase cycle segments

Target messaging based on the frequency of subscriber purchases.

  • Frequent buyers: Add customers who make frequent purchases.
    Tip: Send frequent buyers a heads up when you get new products in stock, or upsell past purchases.
  • One-time customers: Add customers who have only ever made a single purchase to send them special offers to convert into frequency buyers.
    Tip: Focus on upselling on their most recent purchase with a complementary product.
  • Seasonal customers: Add customers who tend to purchase around specific holidays or other events.
    Tip: Send seasonal customers promotions to encourage purchases outside of their usual buying patterns.
  • Non-purchasers: Add subscribers who have yet to become purchasers.
    Tip: Increase discounts on your existing offers to help encourage a first-time purchase.

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