You can encourage your subscribers to make a purchase by incentivizing them with an offer, such as a discount code, attached to a sign-up unit or welcome journey. The Offers tab is where you create and manage all of your offers in the Attentive platform.


Here you can quickly find your existing offers by filtering on a search term or selecting a particular offer status, such as only active offers. The grid also shows you additional information about each offer, including when it was created and last edited as well as how many offers are remaining in the case of unique discount codes you have uploaded into Attentive.


You can manage an existing offer by clicking the three dots on the right and selecting the option to edit, deactivate, or delete the offer. See Manage offers

To create a new offer, click + Create offer in the top-right corner. See Create offers.

Note: Attentive also provides integration with your Shopify and Popwallet offers.