With campaign templates, you can browse a suite of message templates built by the pros at Attentive that you can send right away, or use as a launching point for your own messages. Organized by category, you can get started with templates for site-wide sales, product launches, VIP promotions, back in stock messages and more.


Fifteen templates are available for the initial launch, with many more to come.

You should know

  • Campaign templates were written with our message copy best practices and are optimized to perform well, but you should change them to conform to your own brand identity and messaging goals.

Create a new campaign from a template

  1. From the Campaigns page, click Create campaign.
  2. Under Use a template, click Message Templates, and then click Continue.
    Campaign Templates opens.
  3. Next, select the template you want to use. You can scroll through the list of All Templates, or select a specific category from the sidebar.
  4. Click on a template, and then click Use Template to apply it to your campaign:
  5. The template is now applied to your campaign. If you see copy [in brackets], replace it with macros, emojis, and links to your store where appropriate.
    Once you’re done updating bracketed copy, you can finish setting up and launching your campaign as normal.