The most successful messaging campaigns don’t happen by accident. We’ve found that the best campaigns have four things in common:

  • They include a short link. Short links give your subscribers a direct way to engage with your content. Whether you’re linking to a specific product or a page of special offers, you should always include a short link in your campaign message.
  • They include the name of the subscriber. Including subscriber names in messages makes them more personal, which leads to more subscribers engaging with messages you send -- and making purchases as a result.
  • They include an offer or incentive. Offers and discounts help push subscribers from readers to purchasers, and can have a huge impact on the success of your campaigns.
  • Messages engage subscribers with an image, video, or gif. More than half of consumers say that they are more likely to make a purchase if a message includes a gif, image, or video. Looking for inspiration on how best to use media in your campaigns? Check out Texts we Love.
  • They were tested. Although Attentive’s campaign builder preview is really good, you should always send yourself a test message to make sure your campaign looks exactly how you want it to look. What looks great on a desktop browser screen may not always translate to a mobile device.

You can always click Message tips to see what you should add to your campaign. Green check = you’re doing it right:


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