Conversational journeys

Build dynamic, two-way conversations between you + your subscribers. When subscribers send you a message that includes a keyword you set, you automatically send a response. 


Back in stock journeys

Message subscribers when specific items are back in stock and available for purchase. Set which subscribers are sent back in stock messages based on when and how often they viewed products that are now back in stock. You can also include or exclude subscribers based on purchase history and more.


Winback journeys

Reach out to subscribers who might be about to unsubscribe and send them special offers, promotions, or other incentives to keep them subscribed to your messages.

Attentive Concierge journeys

Attentive Concierge builds on conversational journeys with one major difference: instead of sending pre-written messages to subscribers, a real, living human being at Attentive will read and respond to subscriber messages. Attentive uses all of your customer service materials and FAQs to craft great messages, and use conversational selling techniques while maintaining your brand voice to drive triple ROI in a matter of weeks.

Attentive’s Concierge agents are a team of Attentive employees trained to best address the needs of your brand (as well as with some AI assistance). Each Concierge agent has experience in both e-commerce and customer service, and are pros at high-volume, conversational-driven assistance.