What is the abandoned checkout trigger?

It's a trigger for a new type of journey that lets you send messages to subscribers after they abandon their cart without purchasing anything.

When is a Shopify cart considered "abandoned"?

Shopify determines abandoned carts based on which version of checkout you're using:

  • Checkout Classic: When the window is closed.
  • Checkout One: A customizable time-out period with a 3 minute default.

What are best practices for using abandoned checkout journeys?

If you are currently sending cart abandoner journeys:

  • Keep your existing cart abandonment journey as it is right now.
  • Create a new journey using the checkout abandoner trigger and set the initial wait time for 24 hours before the first message is sent.

If you are not currently sending cart abandoner journeys:

  • Create a new checkout abandonment journey, and set the initial wait time for 20-60 minutes before you send the first message.

What's next?

We plan to roll out enhancements that will allow clients to “branch on checkout”, meaning you will be able to filter out subscribers from their standard cart abandon journeys when they start their checkout, and quickly follow up with them if they abandon their checkout.