What is Concierge?

Attentive Concierge builds on conversational journeys with one major difference: instead of sending pre-written messages to subscribers, a real, living human being at Attentive will read and respond to subscriber messages. Attentive uses all of your customer service materials and FAQs to craft great messages, and use conversational selling techniques while maintaining your brand voice to drive triple ROI in a matter of weeks.

Attentive’s Concierge agents are a team of Attentive employees trained to best address the needs of your brand (as well as with some AI assistance). Each Concierge agent has experience in both e-commerce and customer service, and are pros at high-volume, conversational-driven assistance.

Why does Concierge cost more?

Attentive’s Concierge agents are real, living people employed by Attentive. We pay Concierge agents highly competitive rates to ensure that we have the best talent in the industry. Unlike a regular SMS or MMS message sent with Attentive, each Concierge message is actually sent by someone who is trying to say exactly the right thing to drive more sales for your business.

How long do Concierge agents take to respond to messages?

Concierge agents aim to respond to messages in less than five minutes, but we’re constantly striving to reply to more messages faster.

How do I create a Concierge journey?

Check out Create a Concierge journey.

Which journeys can I use Concierge with?

Currently, you can use three triggers with Concierge:

  • Cart abandonment
  • Checkout abandonment (Shopify only)
  • Site abandonment

What happens if a Concierge agent can’t answer a question?

Occasionally, Attentive Concierge agents won’t be able to answer specific questions from subscribers as Concierge agents won’t have access to all of the details about each subscriber. For example, Concierge agents can’t see details like subscriber order IDs.

When that happens, the Concierge agent will escalate the message to your team to respond to the subscriber directly. You can respond to escalated subscriber messages in two places:

  • Reply directly to the escalation email the Concierge team sent you. Note that your reply doesn’t go directly to the subscriber; the Concierge agent will use your response to reply to the subscriber.
  • From the Conversations tab in Attentive, where you can reply directly to the subscriber.

Should I use a discount code with Concierge?

Yes! We recommend that you set up a discount code to use with Concierge so that Concierge agents can best incentivize customers to complete their purchases. Concierge agents will have access only to the discount code you choose when setting up the Concierge journey.

What happens when I add a UTM to a Concierge journey?

When you set up a UTM for use in a Concierge journey, anytime an agent shares a link with a subscriber, the link will have UTMs attached to it. For example, if a customer abandons a checkout, a Concierge agent will often share a link back to that checkout in order to convert the sale.

Can I build campaigns managed by Concierge?

For now, Concierge agents are available only in journeys. Stay tuned for Concierge campaigns!

How should I structure the initial messages in a Concierge journey?

You’ll get the best results with delightful, personalized messaging in your initial message to subscribers. Messages should include the name of the subscriber, persona name of your brand, the name of your brand, and an open-ended question.

Here are some examples:

Offer subscribers a discount

  • Example message: Hey {first_name}, this is Sarah from Hudson & Ivy, I see you're checking out our {product_name}. Great choice! 😊 Want me to see if I can get you a discount!?
  • Journey types: Checkout abandon, cart abandon, and site abandon

See if subscribers need help answering a question

  • Example message: Hey {first_name}, this is Sarah from Hudson & Ivy, I see you're checking out our {product_name}. Great choice! 😊 Any questions I can answer for you?
  • Journey types: Checkout abandon, cart abandon, and site abandon

Offer product-specific education

  • Example message: Hey {first_name} this is Sarah from Hudson & Ivy, I see you're checking out our {product_name}. Want to learn more about the product, let me know! 🚀
  • Journey types: Checkout abandon, cart abandon

How do I evaluate the performance of Concierge journeys?

Once your first Concierge journey is set up and running smoothly, your Concierge agent will share key metrics with you to help you evaluate its success. You can expect:

  • Metrics for the overall journey
  • Metrics specific to Concierge emailed to you weekly
  • A mid-trial check in with our team
  • An end of trial check in with our team

How can I monitor and provide feedback to my Concierge agent?

Once you’ve gone live, we recommend that you regularly check in with the conversations that your Concierge agents are having. This will help you get a sense of how Concierge agents are interacting with your subscribers, and give you opportunities to provide feedback so they can get even better at converting sales.

You can see each conversation that Concierge agents have from the Conversations tab in Attentive.

  • Once each week, we recommend:
  • Go through the Conversations tab.
  • Submit any feedback through this survey.

How do I sign up for Concierge journeys?

Contact your CSM.