Attentive Concierge™ journeys let you build conversational journeys to scale mobile sales and customer support by using real, live humans employed at Attentive to respond to subscribers. To learn more, check out What is Attentive Concierge?

Before you begin

Before you can start building Attentive Concierge journeys, you’ll first need to complete Attentive Concierge onboarding. As part of onboarding, we’ll learn to mimic the tone and voice of your brand as much as possible so that your subscribers always feel like they are talking to a CX representative at your brand. To get started with Attentive Concierge onboarding, send an email to your CSM.

Here’s what you can expect to learn and do during onboarding:

  • Add a conversational text message step to a journey
  • Configure a journey to forward a subscriber message to an Attentive Concierge agent
  • Craft an effective conversational message
  • Monitor and train your Attentive Concierge agents

Create an Attentive Concierge journey

  1. Create a new journey, and select either the checkout abandonment, cart abandonment, or browse abandonment template or trigger. Note that you can also edit an existing journey instead of creating a new one.
  2. Click on the Send text message step …
    and then click Delete at the bottom of the Send text message panel.
  3. Click the Plus in the Else branch, and select A/B test.
    The A/B test panel opens.
  4. Set each variation to 50% of traffic, and then click Save.
  5. For Variation 1: 
    1. Click the Plus, and select Send text message.
    2. In Message, add a typical journey message for the template you chose. For example, “Hi {firstName}, this is Jordan from Hudson & Ivy. I noticed you checking out our {productName}. Get it while supplies last!”
    3. When you're done, click Save.
  6. For Variation 2:
    1. Click the Plus, and select Send conversational text message.
    2. Enter an intro message in the field. You’ll get the best results with delightful, personalized messaging in your initial message to subscribers. Messages should include the name of the subscriber, persona name of your brand, the name of your brand, and an open-ended question.

      For example:
      Hi {firstName}, this is Jordan from Hudson & Ivy. I noticed you checking out our {productName}. Get it while supplies last!

    3. From the Select reply format dropdown, select Open-ended question and then click Save.
      Your journey now has a new branch: one for if a subscriber replies within two days, and one for if a subscriber does not.
    4. In the If subscriber replies branch, click the Plus and select Forward to Concierge.
      The Forward to Concierge panel opens.

    5. Optionally, but recommended, enable both:
      • GA tracking for links sent by agents: Adding a UTM here will let you track subscriber engagement with any links the Concierge agent sends subscribers.
      • Enable agents to send offers: Select or create a new offer that the Concierge agent is authorized to send to subscribers.
  7. When you’re done, click Save.
    Your journey now includes the Forward to Concierge step.
  8. Finally, click Turn on in the upper right corner to activate your Concierge journey. Your journey should look something like this: