Beta release date: September 15, 2021

Attentive has added an analytics dashboard to the platform that provides visual summary and snapshot data to help you spot trends in your SMS program so you can continually optimize it. 


To access this dashboard, click the new Analytics tab in the left navigation. You’ll notice that the Reports tab has been relocated within the Analytics menu item. 

Note: All of the metrics on the analytics dashboard are available to download as raw .csv data via the Reports tab.


This first release of the analytics dashboard includes the following metrics:

  • Subscribers:
    • New Subscribers
    • SMS Unsubscribes
    • Emails Collected
  • Revenue
    • Revenue
    • Campaigns Revenue
    • Journeys Revenue
  • Message Send Volume
    • Messages Sent
    • Campaign Messages Sent
    • Journeys Messages Sent
  • Billable Spend
    • Billable Spend
    • Campaign Billable Spend
    • Journeys & Received Billable Spend

Use the date filter to select specific dates, or choose one of the preset date ranges.


Hover over any metric to view a tooltip that explains its definition and/or how it’s calculated. 


You can also hover over the line chart to display the value for a specific date.