Heads up: This article will walk you through how to create a new winback journey. Before diving in here, it might be helpful to check out FAQs: Winback journeys.

Winback journeys try to win back subscribers who are at risk of churning using artificial intelligence. For each of your subscribers, Attentive reviews how many purchases they made, when they made them, and how much each transaction was worth. This data is used to estimate subscriber engagement in the future.

Once Attentive identifies which of your subscribers are the most likely to churn, they enter a winback journey, which helps push them from lapsed subscribers to active, engaged purchasers.

A maximum of 1% of your subscribers can enter a winback journey per day.

You should know

You can have a single winback journey active at a time. To see your winback journeys, go to Journeys, click the All Triggers menu, and select Winback eligible


Best Practices

  • You’ll get the best results if you include an offer in your winback messages
  • Send a follow up message to subscribers who do not convert from your first winback message to continue to incentivizing them to purchase
  • We recommend giving subscriber higher valued offers in subsequent messages

Create a winback journey

  1. Sign in to Attentive, and click Journeys from the sidebar.
  2. Click Create Journey ...
    Then, select the Customer Winback template and click Get Started.
    A new winback journey opens.
  3. Add offers to your messages by replacing the placeholder message copy.
    1. Please make sure you update the message copy to include an offer for your company. In the default message copy, you will find a placeholder for where you should add your company’s offer. For details on how to do this, check out Add an offer to a journey.
    2. To avoid deactivating your journeys, it's important to make sure you don't run out of offer codes. We recommend generating the maximum number of unique offer codes prior to activating your winback journey. If you're on Shopify, we highly recommend using auto-generate to automatically replenish your incentives.
    3. Messages included in the template
      1. Initial message: The first message sent to subscribers who enter a winback journey. You’ll get the best results if you include an offer,
      2. Nudge message: If subscribers do not make a purchase since entering the winback journey, they are sent a second message.
  4. (Optional) Adjust delay time between follow up messages:
    1. How long after the initial message should you wait to send your second message? We recommend keeping this at fifteen days to avoid fatiguing subscribers who may already be about to churn.
    2. You can also add additional branches and steps to your winback journey. For more, check out the following:
      1. Add steps to a journey
      2. Available branches in journeys
  5. Once you’re finished, click Turn On in the upper right corner, and set how frequently you want to allow subscribers to enter your winback journey. We recommend leaving this at 6 weeks to help prevent fatigue. Then, click Turn on journey.