Heads up: this article details several use cases for using Klaviyo email activity in your journeys. If you haven’t yet, check out:

You can now use data from the Klaviyo + Attentive integration in your journeys, allowing you to message subscribers based on their interactions with emails sent through Klaviyo to boost clicks, engagement, and most importantly, sales.

With the Klaviyo + Attentive integration, you can use new Klaviyo email activity triggers to build journeys that kick off when subscribers open an email you sent, or add Klaviyo email activity branches to new or existing journeys.

Note that Klaviyo email activity in journeys is a beta program.

Want to use Klaviyo email activity in your journeys? Reach out to your CSM or our Live Chat to enable this feature for you.

Klaviyo email engagement triggers use cases

Build journeys with Klaviyo email triggers that kick off based on subscriber activity with emails you sent. Klaviyo email triggers include:

Email received Klaviyo trigger

Double down and target subscribers who are receiving emails from you, but aren’t opening them.


Tip: This trigger is more effective when paired with branching on email opens or clicks.

Email opened Klaviyo trigger

Focus on your passive subscribers who open your emails, but aren’t clicking on any links.


Tip: Try adding an A/B test branch using different CTAs to see which performs the best.

Email link clicked Klaviyo trigger

Boost buy intent and target subscribers who are clicking links in your emails, but aren’t purchasing anything.


Tip: Use unique offers to send single-use coupons to improve ROI.

Klaviyo email engagement branches use cases

Enhance new or existing journeys that branch based on how subscribers interact with your emails sent from Klaviyo. Klaviyo email branches include:

Email received Klaviyo branch

Synchronize your SMS and email strategy to avoid message fatigue, by excluding subscribers who have gotten multiple emails within the last 12 hours.


Tip: Combine branching on email engagement with a wait step to effectively manage send times.

Email opened Klaviyo branch

Easily identify if your email is effective by checking if subscribers have recently opened your emails. Then, boost engagement by following up email opens with SMS messages.


Tip: Try experimenting with different SMS copy for subscribers that don’t click to discover if different content resonates and drives more clicks. You can also throw in an A/B test!

Email clicked Klaviyo branch

Use the Email Clicked branch in a viewed a product journey to tailor messaging for subscribers who are clicking through emails but may need that extra nudge to add to cart and purchase.


Tip: Combine with branching on segments to personalize and tailor your messaging for better results.