Limited early access release date: November 8, 2021

Attentive now helps you collect more valuable data from your subscribers (such as their gender, content, and shopper preferences) right on your sign-up units. With these custom attributes, you can better target, segment, and personalize your text messaging from the information you collect using the Attentive segment builder.

You can customize your sign-up units with various input fields, including:


  • Text input - This field is a great way to collect general questions such as first and last name, zip codes, and more. Please note: These values cannot be used in messages at this time.
  • Radio buttons - With this type of input field, subscribers can choose only one of the predefined inputs provided. This field type is a great way to collect information related to shopper interests, content, demographic, and product preferences.
  • Dropdown select - Similar to radio buttons, the dropdown input field lets subscribers choose only one of the predefined inputs provided.
  • Checkboxes - With multi-select checkboxes, subscribers who are opting in can select as many of the predefined options as they would like. As with radio buttons and dropdowns, you can use checkboxes to collect multiple types of preference information, including interests, content, demographic information, and more.

If you want to collect custom attributes on your sign-up units, contact your CS representative or White Glove ( to set this up for you.


What are some best practices I should follow?
Include an incentive: A common best practice is to incentivize visitors with an exciting offer or giveaway. This is especially true when collecting information beyond just email + SMS number and can help improve overall conversion.

Less is more: We recommend only collecting the information that will allow you to better target or personalize your future campaigns. Make the opt-in process as simple as possible for subscribers so that they actually complete the sign-up process.

A/B test: You should always A/B test any new changes to your sign-up unit to ensure that there's no negative impact to subscriber growth. We recommend testing a custom attribute sign-up unit against an identical unit that doesn't collect attributes. You can also test the performance of the different types of input fields available to you (e.g., radio button vs. dropdown), as well as the number of questions you're asking.

What types of sign-up units can I add additional inputs to?
Adding custom attribute inputs is available on fullscreen sign-up unit types (mobile + desktop), as well as mobile partials (single input) and landing pages. Bubbles can also have additional inputs on the expanded pages.

Does the number of input fields available vary based on sign-up unit?
The number of input fields available will vary due to vertical space limitations and user experience concerns:

  • For the Email page:
    • Mobile/Desktop Fullscreen - 3 inputs max
    • Mobile Partial - 1 input max
  • For the SMS page (or SMS only sign-up unit):
    • Mobile/Desktop Fullscreen - 1 input max
    • Mobile Partial - 1 input max

How do I create a segment from the information I collect?

In order to build a segment based on these attributes, navigate to the Segments tab > + Create segment > Dynamic segment.

Custom attributes appear under A subscriber’s characteristics. For attributes that were collected via dropdown or radio buttons, simply select from the list. For attributes that were collected via checkboxes, there's one attribute name in the list for each individual checkbox, each with a value of true or false based on whether the checkbox was selected.