Custom attributes let you apply customizable information to each of your subscribers and then build segments based on that information. You can use custom attributes in a wide variety of ways and create segments that suit the unique needs of your business or marketing goals.

Before you get started creating custom attributes, it may be helpful to first review Define and collect custom attributes, which both explains how custom attributes work, and where you can use them in Attentive.

You can create new custom attributes in two places:

  1. While building a conversational journey.
  2. From the Settings page.

To build a custom attribute from the Settings page:

  1. Sign in to Attentive, and go to Custom attributes in Settings.
  2. Click Create custom attribute in the upper-right corner.
    Create a new custom attribute opens.
  3. For category name, like Room preference for furniture. Your subscribers won’t see this, but the category name is what you’ll use when segmenting on custom attributes, so make it descriptive!
  4. For values, enter each custom attribute that you want to be able to apply to subscribers. Click +Add value to add additional custom attributes, or click the X to remove one.
  5. When you’re finished, click Create Attribute. Your custom attribute category can now be used in segments or journeys, and you can see it from the Custom attributes page in Settings: