Creating effective sign-up units is an essential part of growing your subscriber list. They’re especially compelling when paired with offers or journeys, and combining both successfully will engage potential customers.

Follow the steps below to create a sign-up unit and style it to match your brand. Many of these steps are interchangeable and after creating a few sign-up units, you might develop your own process. Until that happens, consider following this quick reference guide as a comprehensive introduction to sign-up units.

Let's get started

From the UI dashboard, navigate to the Subscribers tab. Everything related to sign-up units lives in this space.

If you’re a first-time user, we recommend that you create your default brand styles. Brand styles ensure your future sign-up units all follow the same visual template. This means you’ll only have to create your brand styles once, but you can go back and edit them any time!

Creating and styling a sign-up unit

With your brand styles established, you may move on to creating a new sign-up unit and designing how it will look. If you’ve already created your default brand styles, you can still make other style changes, including overriding the default selections, all with compliance in mind. You can change all, none, or some of the following:

* Also included in brand styles

There are also resources that walk you through creating compelling sign-up units.

Scheduling and adding offers

Part of creating a new sign-up unit is leveraging it to attract as many subscribers as possible. By tweaking some settings, you can decide when and how the sign-up unit should appear. This is also where you can pair an offer and a welcome journey with the sign-up unit. When you’re done, you can activate the sign-up unit immediately or schedule it to become active at a later time.

Reviewing and maintaining

After you set those rules and conditions, we recommend that you review existing sign-up units (if applicable) and perform some housekeeping tasks. Maintaining an organized sign-up unit repository is instrumental in making the sign-up unit process more efficient. You can repurpose, reuse, or archive sign-up units to stay organized.

Congratulations! You have successfully created, designed, and activated (or scheduled to activate) a sign-up unit. Now, get those subscribers!