Beta release date: October 25, 2021

If you’re a Shopify customer, you can use Attentive’s new personalization macros to insert product recommendations in your campaigns! These macros dynamically calculate your bestselling product from the prior four weeks, saving you time and helping you quickly launch more relevant, personalized campaigns.

  1. Create your campaign.
  2. On the Design tab of the campaign builder, enter the message you want to include in your campaign text.
  3. Place your cursor in the location where you want to insert a product recommendation macro.
  4. Click this icon:
  5. Insert the following macro(s):
    • {bestsellerName} - bestseller product name
    • {bestsellerLink} - bestseller product link

  6. Click Save & continue, and finish creating the campaign.

For more information on this feature, view our FAQs below.

For information about other existing personalization macros, see Add personalization to your messages.


Product Recs FAQs

How is my bestseller product recommendation calculated?
We determine the bestseller product recommendation by taking the most purchased item over the past four weeks (based on number of units sold). This is made possible via the Attentive tag on your website, as well as your Shopify integration.

Can I adjust the lookback period of the bestseller calculation?
Currently, we don't support the ability to adjust the lookback period, but we are exploring making this a configurable feature in the future.

Can I exclude subscribers who have already purchased the bestseller product recommendation?
It's not currently possible to exclude subscribers who have already purchased the recommended item. We're actively working to enable those more advanced filters and to provide more personalized product recommendations that automatically take into account the subscribers' previous purchases.
Notably, in most cases across our clients, we have found that the top bestselling product in the prior four weeks is typically purchased by a very small minority of the current subscriber base.

Can I preview what my bestseller product recommendations include?
Currently, we don’t offer a preview of the bestseller product in the campaign designer. We’re working on providing transparency into product recommendation details in the future.

What other types of recommendations may be available in the future?
Beyond bestsellers, we’re working on an exciting set of highly personalized product recommendations that take into account subscribers’ browsing and purchase histories, as well as deeper product affinity mapping! Over time, we expect our recommendations will become increasingly more relevant and personalized to maximize message relevancy and ROI.