Triggered emails are journeys that include the Send email step, which sends subscribers a customizable email when they enter a journey. For example, you can send an email with a discount offer to subscribers who added an item to their shopping cart but didn’t complete the purchase.


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You should know

  • You’re not limited to sending either emails or text messages -- you can use both the send email step and the send text message step in the same journey.
  • As with other journeys, you can use action and rule steps to create just the right journey for your business. For more, check out Add steps to a journey.
  • When you receive access to triggered emails, we’ll work closely with you to build an email template specific to your brand at no additional charge. You can also jump in and make or edit your own email templates. For more, check out Design and edit email templates.
  • If you’ve set up brand styles for use in sign-up units, they are not automatically applied to your email templates.

How triggered emails work

Triggered emails are journeys that include a Send email step. When subscribers enter a journey and reach the Send email step, they are sent an email from you. Triggered email journeys work just like other kinds of journeys: they begin when a subscriber does something that triggers a journey, like looking at a product on your store or adding an item to their shopping cart. For more on how journeys work check out What are journeys?


This view abandonment triggered email journey has five steps:

  1. The journey is triggered when a subscriber looks at a product on your site.
  2. The journey waits for 20 minutes.
  3. The journey send an email to subscribers.
  4. The journey branches:
    1. If the subscriber made a purchase from you at least once since the journey began, then they go to step 4.
    2. Else the customer has not made a purchase, then send them a text message.
  5. The journey ends.

Want to get started? Check out Add triggered email to a journey.

Email regulation and compliance

Although email compliance in the U.S. is more permissive than SMS compliance, there are still a number of important rules that govern how you can and cannot use email marketing for your business. For more, see Email compliance.