With the triggered emails step, you can send email messages in addition to text messages to your subscribers. Journeys with the triggered email step work just like other types of journeys. Before you dive in here, it might be helpful to check out the following:

Want to get started adding triggered emails to your journeys? Reach out to cs-team-email@attentivemobile.com, and CC your CSM.

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You should know

  • You can add the send email step to the following journey types: browse abandonment, cart abandonment, checkout abandonment (Shopify only), back in stock, post-purchase, and winback.
  • As with other journeys, you can use action and rule steps to create just the right journey for your business. For more, check out Add steps to a journey.
  • If you have access to triggered emails, then we’ve already built (or are currently building) an email template for you. For more, check out Design and edit email templates.
  • If you're looking for suggestions on what type of journey you should make, check out What kind of journey should I build? Keep in mind that you can only use the send email step in browse and cart abandonment journeys.
  • When you build a new triggered email journey from a template, it won’t automatically include the send email step -- you’ll have to add that manually as you would any other step.
  • You can track the performance of a journey that sends triggered emails by looking at the journey itself after you launch it. You can also generate a Triggered Email Performance report, which provides further details into the performance of your triggered email journeys. For more, see Generate a report.

Watch: Triggered Email Journeys

Add triggered email to a journey

You can add a triggered email step to an existing journey, or you can add the triggered email step to a new journey as you build it. To add triggered email to an existing journey, edit it and add the Send email step.

To add triggered email to a new journey as you build it:

  1. Sign in to Attentive and click Journeys from the sidebar.
  2. Click Create journey
    Then, select a template ...
    And then click Get started. A new journey with your selected template opens:
  3. In the Else branch, click the + and select Send email.
    The Send email panel opens on the right side of the screen.
  4. Enter details for:
    • Email name: Enter a name for the email sent by this journey within Attentive to make it easier to find later. Not visible to subscribers.

    • UTM Campaign: Optional. If you want to use a UTM code to track this email, enter it here. Not visible to subscribers.

    • From name: The name that you want to show in the From Name field of the email. Visible to subscribers.

    • From email address: The email that you want to show in the From Email field of the email. Visible to subscribers.

      Note: From email address must have the same domain as set when you originally onboarded with Attentive.

    • Use as your reply-to address checkbox: Enabled by default. Sets the reply-to address of your email to be the same as the From email address.

    • Subject: The subject line of this email. Visible to subscribers.

    • Preview text: The preview text of this email. Note that email preview text appears in email inboxes after the subject line, but does not appear in the body of the email itself. Visible to subscribers.

      How the above email fields appear in an inbox:
      How the above email fields appear in the email itself:

  5. Click Edit Content to customize the email you want to send for this journey. For more on customizing email templates, check out Design and edit email templates.
  6. Click Preview to open a preview of the email template.
  7. Once you’re finished setting the details and making updates to the email template, click Save in the lower right corner of the Send email panel.
  8. And that’s it! Keep in mind that you can add additional actions and rules to further customize and enhance your triggered email journey. When you’re finished, click Turn on in the upper-right corner to activate the journey.