Check out Attentive’s new mobile-first personalized homepage, which provides you more of the insights, guidance, and data you need to better understand how your program is performing!


Want to learn more? Check out Personalized Home tab.

The previous Dashboard tab is now called Home and is full of personalized guidance based on your company’s feature setup and performance. These recommendations will help you optimize your program to meet your business goals, including growing your subscriber list and increasing revenue!

All of our recommendation cards are curated specifically for you and contain features you’re not currently taking advantage of that can really boost your program’s performance.


You’ll see a rotating recommended feature at the top of your homepage under Improve Your Results and loads of other recommendations broken out by category, including:

  • Featured
  • Maximize Revenue
  • Grow Your List
  • Drive ROI
  • Integrations

Be sure to check out what we recommend for you under the area(s) of your program you want to focus on.

On the right side of your homepage, you’ll find a Performance section that shows you, at a glance, a snapshot of your program’s performance metrics over a date range that you choose. You’ll also see the trending percent change over the same time period, as well as a breakout of campaigns and journeys revenue and CVR. From this section, you can quickly jump to your Analytics Dashboard as well as start creating campaigns and journeys with one click.

Want to learn more? Check out Personalized Home tab.