Campaigns in Attentive let you build and send one-time messages to your subscribers, letting them know about a big sale over the weekend, the address of your next big pop-up, or telling just your VIP sneakerhead subscribers about your next big shoe drop.

Not sure where to begin? No worries! We’ve built a series of high-converting campaign message templates, and all you’ll need to do to get started is choose a template, send a test message to yourself, and then launch. Easy!

Some great ways to use journeys:

  • Showcase new products to subscribers most likely to engage with them. With campaigns, you can select exactly which segments of your subscribers get sent what content, letting you send tailored messages to different audiences.
  • Send special offers or event details to your VIP subscribers, giving them the scoop on hot, limited-stock items, special events, or just to thank them for being loyal customers.
  • Run A/B test campaigns to identify trends, preferences, and patterns. It’s hard to know what content, images, and offers will lead to the best outcomes, but you can run A/B test campaigns to learn just that. Best of all? A/B tests are initially only sent to a small number of subscribers, and the best-performing variant is sent to the rest.

Ready to dive in? That’s great! We’ve got a ton of great campaigns content in the Attentive Help Center. If you want to go even deeper, explore online interactive courses, peer-to-peer learning channels and more in Attentive University. But here are some great places to start: