Journeys in Attentive let you send automated, personalized messages to subscribers based on their actions. Set up a welcome journey to welcome new subscribers to your brand and offer a new subscriber discount, let your most dedicated fans know when a coveted, rare vinyl is back in stock, and more.

Here’s the cool thing: we’ve done almost all of the work for you already, and you’ll soon have access to a suite of pre-built journey templates that are optimized for engagement and conversion.

Some great ways to use journeys:

  • Send dynamic, conversational Two-Way Journeys™ that help you uncover unique customer preferences. With Two-Way Journeys, you can first ask customers for product preferences, and then send a different response -- with special offers -- based on their replies to you.
  • Build behavioral journeys that send subscribers just the right message at just the right time based on their activity. For example, send a reminder with an inventive to subscribers who added an item to their cart but didn’t complete the purchase, or recommend a complementary product after a subscriber purchases something.
  • Set up transactional journeys that message subscribers to let them know about order confirmations, shipping information, subscription status, and more.

Ready to dive in? That’s great! We’ve got a ton of great journeys content in the Attentive Help Center. If you want to go even deeper, explore online interactive courses, peer-to-peer learning channels and more in Attentive University. But here are some great places to start:

  • What are journeys? An explanation of exactly how journeys work, how you can use them for your brand, and give your subscribers a great SMS experience.
  • What kind of journey should I build? You want use cases for journeys? You got it! Learn the basics of converting browsers into buyers, welcome new subscribers to your brand, add special offers to your messages, and more.
  • Create a journey: Detailed, step-by-step instructions to build and launch your very first journey.
  • Create Two-Way Journeys: Full guidance on how to set up, optimize, and launch automated, text-based conversations with your subscribers.