Some things were made for each other: Apple cider and caramel. Rainy days and good books. Shopify + Attentive.

With the Shopify + Attentive integration, you can leverage all of the great data you have about your customers with the best-in-class messaging of Attentive.

Some great ways to use the Shopify + Attentive integration:

  • Create ultra-targeted segments from Shopify attributes like lifetime spend, order count, marketing op-in status, and more. If you really want to be a segmenting superstar, combine Shopify segments with Attentive segments to always send the right message to exactly the right audience.
  • Send automated, TCPA compliant transactional messages that let subscribers know when their order is confirmed, when it shipped, and when it arrived.
  • Pull in personalization data from Shopify to use directly in your campaign and journey messages. Include customer-specific details like their name and address, or the name of the product they most recently viewed. Personalization isn’t limited to names -- you can also include super useful, high-converting links to product pages, checkout pages, and more.

Ready to dive in? That’s great! We’ve got a ton of great integrations content in the Attentive Help Center. If you want to go even deeper, explore online interactive courses, peer-to-peer learning channels and more in Attentive University. But here are some great places to start:

  • Shopify + Attentive integration: Detailed, step-by-step guide to get the Shopify + Attentive integration off the ground and send your brand to the moon.
  • Set up marketing subscriber collection for Shopify: It’s one thing to send transactional messages -- like when an order is confirmed or shipped -- but what about leveraging the Shopify + Attentive integration to leverage marketing data too? We got you covered.
  • Add personalization to your messages: The deeper your personalization, the better the experience. Learn how to add personalization details like subscriber names, details about their order, and shipment tracking links.