You can use the Campaigns page in the Attentive platform to create and send one-time messages to your subscribers. Campaigns are useful to let your subscribers know about something specific, like an upcoming sale or when an item is back in stock. 

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You should know

  • The best campaigns aren’t created on accident, and all have several things in common. Want some guidance from the marketing pros at Attentive? Check out Optimize your campaign messages.
  • Not sure where to begin? No worries -- Attentive has a suite of templates to help get you started. Check them out here: Kick off your campaign with templates.
  • If you want to add images to a campaign message but don’t have access to design resources, you can insert one from the Attentive image gallery.

Design a campaign

Now for the fun part: composing the message for your campaign!


Whether you’re building a standard campaign or an A/B test campaign, both use the same message editor with one difference: you can compose multiple A/B test message variants by clicking the tabs above the message box.


As you write your message, the preview updates in real-time. As you compose your message, note the two numbers in the corner:


  • The first number (91 in the image) is your total character count.
    The second number (1 MMS in the image) is the number of messages you’ll be billed for.
  • Note that adding images, emoji, and other non-text content may increase the cost of sending a campaign. For more, see Billing FAQs.

In addition to text, use the buttons below the message box to add media, personalization, and more to your campaign message.


You can add:

plus-35.png  Media, including:

  • Static images, GIFs, or an image from our gallery. When added, images and GIFs always appear at the top of your message.
  • Native Audio or Video. An MP4 video or MP4 audio file. Native audio and video files appear directly in messages sent to subscribers and play once tapped. Works on both Android and iOS devices, and appears on subscriber devices whether or not they've saved you as a contact. Note that the maximum file size for native audio or video files is 600KB.
  • Video preview link: An MP4 video file up to 8 MB you upload that subscribers can watch on their device. Video appears only on subscriber iOS devices who have saved you as a contact. For more, see Add a video to a campaign.
  • Virtual contact card: Adds you as contact to subscriber devices. For more, see Contact cards.

emoji-35.png  Emoji: One or more emojis.

link-35.png  Links: A shortened URL to a website which can include Google Analytics tracking.

link-35.png  Personalization: Shopify only. Subscriber-specific details to a message, like their first name, last name, or their full name. For more, see Add personalization to your messages.

offer-35.png  Offers: A special offer, sale code, or other type of discount. You can use existing offers, or create a new one. For more, see Create offers.

Send a test campaign

Once you’re finished drafting your campaign, you should always send yourself so you know what your subscribers will see. To send a test campaign, click Send test message from the mobile device preview, enter your phone number, and click Send test.


Note: If you added personalization to your message (and you should), test messages will not show your actual first or last name. Instead, you see [first name], [last name], or [full name]. Also, [test] is added to the end of each test message, but will not appear in messages you send to subscribers when you launch the campaign.