After you sign in to Attentive, you can see different parts of the platform by clicking on tabs on the left side of the screen.



Check out the Dashboard to see a pulse of how things are going in Attentive for your brand. From here, you can get a snapshot of your revenue generated by campaigns, how many new subscribers you’ve added recently, and see a list of your currently running campaigns.


The Dashboard has three sections:

  • Revenue Generated table: A snapshot of the revenue generated by campaigns over the last 28 days. Hover over a bar to see the revenue generated on each day.
  • New Subscribers table: A snapshot of new subscribers over the last 28 days. Hover over a bar to see how many subscribers opted-in on any given day.
  • Campaigns sent: A list of each of the campaigns you sent over the last 28 days. Click on the name of a campaign to see it in more detail.


The Subscribers tab is where you manage and can see your sign-up units, schedules, and other tools to help more customers become subscribers.


The main bar graph shows you how many new subscribers opted-in each day over the last 27 days. You can also see your total active subscribers, total unsubscribers, and how many known litigators were removed from your subscriber list.

From here, you can also:

  • Hover over a bar to see how many new subscribers opted-in on a given day
  • Create new sign-up flows
  • Search for and filter sign-up units by using the search box, Sign-up units and Schedules tabs, and the Status menu

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Build, launch, manage, and assess the performance of your journeys from the Journeys tab.


Each journey tile shows you its high-level performance and includes metrics for how many subscribers entered each journey, how many subscribers the journey was sent to, as well as the revenue and conversion rate of each journey.


You can also click on the three dots button to see its performance in greater detail, edit the journey, make a copy of it, or rename it.


To create a new journey, click Create journey in the upper-right corner, or click one of the journey templates under your active journeys.

You can also use the Status and Trigger menus to filter the journeys that you see.


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Build, launch, manage, and assess the performance of your campaigns from the Campaigns tab.


You can see an overview of the performance of each of your campaigns in the columns on the right side of the table. You can also click on the name of each campaign to see it in the editor.


Use the Scheduled, Delivered, and Drafts tabs to show campaigns by status.


Click the three dots next to any campaign to preview the campaign, see its performance in greater detail, or make a copy of it.


Click Create campaign in the upper right corner to create a new campaign.

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In Attentive, a segment is a subset of subscribers who have opted-in to messaging from you. You can build segments across a huge range of different subscribers attributes, including their location, how they signed up, or even their shopping habits.


From the segments tab, you can click Create segment in the upper right corner to create a new segment.

You can click on a segment in the table to view it in more detail. You can also search for a specific segment from the search bar or filter for particular segment types.


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If your subscribers reply to one of your messages -- whether it came from an automated journey or a one-time campaign -- you can see their replies in the Conversations tab.


Click on a phone number on the left to see responses sent to you.

You can also reply directly to subscribers messages by entering your response at the bottom and clicking Send. Note that sending messages from the Conversations tab may result in additional billing.



Big sales, seasonal discounts, great deals: manage all of these and more from the Offers tab.


Click Create offer to create a new offer.

Use the search bar and the statuses menu to change which offers you see. You can also click on the name of an offer to see and edit it.


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Do you have a customer experience integration like Zendesk? What about e-commerce integrations like Shopify?

Chances are, if you’re using an integration, you can work with it directly in Attentive from the Integrations tab. You can also build your own apps to use Attentive how you want for your business.


You can use the filter menu to filter the integrations you see. You can also use the search bar to find specific integrations.


Click on the name of an integration to view its page in Attentive, where you can change a variety of settings related to it. For more, be sure to check out Seamless Integrations.

If you want to build a new app to work with Attentive, click Create app.


How are your campaigns performing? Which of your journey types generated the most revenue? What was the total attributed revenue of your brand over the summer?


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Settings are where you set up a variety of different settings in Attentive. Here, you can configure your virtual contact card, set the display address for your company, Smart Sending, Quit Hours, and much more.


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